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i have dhanu lagna,10 th lord merqury in lagana in mool nakshtra,jupiter in lagna with merqury,  saturn in 11th house swati nakshtra making wish yoga with moon in 5th  house.  and saturn is Exalted in tula rashi aspected by it's third eye on lagna,jupiter,and over 10 lord merqury(Retrogate) in lagna.   due to this bad yoga loss the benifit of 10 house ,name ,fame ,status, benifit of 11th house ,public support,comunity,friends,public authority losses.....this problem since saturn transit in tula nov-2011.  since then bad talks and rumer's are transformed over me and i am suffering with defame....

day by day rumer will become more spreadin and defamation is increase,

wht remedy should i do for wish yoga,jupiter,merqury,also my lagna ,and merqury is mool nakshtra is also not good point........pls help me ,, any mantra,tantra,yantra,pooja,gem ,rudrax anything.....

pls give some remedy & when will i free from this bad time or recover name ,fame,Domastic hapiness ......thanks sir,

time of birth:-08:39 AM
Place :Visnagar ,Gujarat

First do not treat yourself. Go to another doctor(astrologer) for analysis. Do not analyse yourself.

10th lord mercury in 1st retrograde will falter you in job, and with guru in lagna, make you wrong decision, spoiled by mercury.

11th saturn is good for profit, and actually controlling very well mercury and guru, so do not blame saturn.

mars in 2nd is spoiling your speech, so your wealth.

8th lord moon in 5th is bad, not good, it will spoil your name and fame.

Do nakshatra dosha puja as told in


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