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Dear Expert! My question is about will I have a real relationship this year and when? What will it be like? What it demands from me? And why did I never have a love relationship in my whole life so far? I was born in August 1., 1976, some minutes after 6 o'clock in the morning, Budapest, Hungary. I don't exactly get that is it necessary, but I give a number and it's 174. Thank you very much, Veronika.

Veronilka ,, 1 5 7 11 houses  shows pleasure , mutual understanding and happiness from love life , in the horary chart as per  no 174 given by you  sub lord -of ascendant is getting linked by these houses but simultaneously connecting detrimental houses  4 6 10 12 houses from 1 5 7 11 therefore so pleasure  of love relationship is absent thanks .


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