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Astrology/Lunar eclipses falling under both sun and moon signs in 2015


QUESTION: I would like to know the signifigence of the lunar eclipsed falling under both my sun and moon sign. The on April 4th, which is my birthday, will be under my moon sign, Libra. The one in September will be under my sun sign, Aries. I was born 04/04/1985 at 7:33 AM in Kissimmee, Florida, USA. I am willing to pay a price that I find fair.

ANSWER: Dear Kenneth Alva,

I practice Indian astrology which is quite different from western astrology , in the sense that in our system, planets's longitudes are 23 degree behind those used in western astrology. So as per my software , your Moon sign happens to be Virgo and Sunsign in  Pisces.

Before proceeding further , I need to confirm these signs.

I would like to know whether you are intellectual kind , debating person or a shopping loving , eat , drink and be merry kind personality. That would decide your Moonsign . Also, if your father is a cool minded person or a hot headed, easily angered  man . That would decide your Sunsign.

Money is an issue only when customer feels satisfied.


Y C Shukla     

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am an intellectual sort of personality and eat drink and be marry. I would choose intellectual first though.

My father is hot headed and quick to anger but the fire burns hot and fast and gos to cool quickly.

Astrology is new to me and I have barley scratched the surface. I did not realize that there was a marked difference. I will have to do some further research of my own but I have found that a book that describes my Sun as Aries and my moon as Libra and the personality traits expressed in that combination strongly resembled mine.

Thank you for your answer and delving further into it. I will make a donation as soon as possible, even if it is only a small token of my appreciation.

At the very least do you find any significance of the eclipse occurring on my birthday, regardless of what cultures interpretation of the house it is in?  

Thanks again.

Dear Kenneth Alva Smith,

Coming to your eclipse question , we see it from Moonsign only as Indian astrology( which is Geocentric) considers Moon more important , being very near to Earth and only astro-planet revolving around the Earth.

Your answer of being intellectual first, confirms Virgo as your Moonsign because Virgo is a sign ruled by Mercury, a planet for intelligence and communication. Virgo itself is a sign dealing with problems and problem solving so all consultants , doctors , lawyers etc are mostly from Virgo sign and you may be also having similar interests in solving people's problems.

As per Indian astrology, eclipses affect only where these are visible.Lunar eclipse effect is for a short period of 15 to 30 days while solar eclipse effect may remain till 6 months when next eclipse happens.

As per Indian astrology, on Moonsign Virgo, there is not much effect to get worried by lunar eclipse on 4th April 2015. Actually , this Moonsign is already having Rahu's transit ( Moon's north node) since July 2014 for 1.5 years, so it is already vaccinated from eclipse phenomenon as Rahu-Ketu ( Moon's nodes ) or shadow planets are involved in eclipse.

Solar eclipse in September 2015 is also a smaller event based on your Moonsign Virgo and there is not much issue in that also .

For anything else you may contact me personally at .

If you have interest in astrology , you may read a good essay on astrology by OSHO ,the great India thinker , who visited USA in 1990s. The link is here :


Y C Shukla  


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