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Hello sir,
First and foremost wish you a very happy new year 2015. I have a question regarding my sons birth chart. Well he is a small baby... Anyway, someone in my friend circle was just looking at his chart etc to see attributes etc and they said he has gandmool nakshatra with 1st charan that apparently has negative effects on the mother and it is not good and very Inauspicious for me. I don't really know about astrology so would like to clarify this please. Can you please look at his chart and tell me if there is really something  concerning with his birth stars to my family. All this sounds very negative considering he is only a small child but my family had travelled all the way from different countries for his naming ceremony and on their journey my uncle( maternal) got a severe eye infection and had to be in hospital  and has almost lost complete vision in one eye.
I'm not sure if this all can be relatable to my son's birth but anyway I will seek your input on this and if there is any such Malefic effects of planets on me or my family I'm sure there is a way to deal with it since  a child birth is a gift of god -how can it be Inauspicious to family members?
Thank you in advance. awaiting your reply
His dob is 18/10/2014
Time - 15:50 pm
Place, aberdeen, scotland

Reene  , true your son born in  simha rashi  magha naxtra 1st part - a constellation from gand mool group - denoting pains & sufferings to mother as per vedik astrology . there is tradition & custom to do shanti or pooja for  gand mool shanti if it would have not been done  then there is also one remedy do jap of mahamritunjay mantra 1.25 lakhs & donate grains , cloths , money to brahmins as per vedik culture  prevailing in India  .
But think rationally - every body has negative & positive event -cycle in his life times , as your uncle has lost  vision , this adversity about vision  will be present definitely in his birth chart , it  is co-incident of birth of child & vision problem to your uncle  means  in family, every incident good or bad are pr-decided so a child can not be blamed for this situations . Some times many people  faces positive & negative events  simultaneously with small interval of time  but such incidents can be guessed from their birth charts . So be free free from such negative emotions  thanks.  


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