Hi my name is jaime my birthday is 10-30-1975 I am female my question is i have been single for 12 years do you see me ever finding love meeting a good man anytime soon?  Ty

Dear Jaime,

Thank you for your question and please accept my apologies for not replying sooner. I write for 8 websites giving my time and sometimes I have to stop one or 2 – thank you for understanding (hugs)

Jaime you are just the most beautiful lady with a heart of pure gold. You are always doing what you can to help others and sometimes because of your lovely way you have about you, people do take advantage of you – so just be careful about this. Look after YOU and set boundaries. Having said that…you definitely do make sure other’s respect you, and so they should…but they will try pull the wool over your eyes or take advantage…but I am shown you are one clever lady and always one step ahead of the pack. Good on you Jaime (hugs)
I see you meeting someone, he looks about 8 years older than you or close to that. I am shown someone in the arts…so he could be creative or you will meet him through something to do with the arts or creativity side.

You know how to be around people, because I am shown that people love being in your company. You have a X factor that makes them want to be around…you just have not met the right person yet…but you will. Be pro active and look for a person who is born around 67 or so, as I mentioned 8 years older than you is shown.
I see you working with people…inspiring them and motivating them. You are always being there for others…you sound like the most amazing person Jaime. It’s your time now and you deserve a happy life with the right partner….

I hope this has helped answer your question... just re read this and yes you will meet a partner soon....although I am shown towards the end of the year.

Blessings and Hugs to You


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