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Hello AVAM, hope you are well. My name is Rachel, female. My DOB: 2nd, January, 1985, 10:00 am, Israel, Tel Aviv. I'd like to consult with you regarding my love life which seems to be stuck and to be going nowhere! I have dated a lot of men in the past but from various reasons it always ended and didn't develop into a long term and serious relationship. So I would like to know if you predict for me any serious and long term relationship soon and when I'm likely to get married? Your help is highly appreciated and valuable!

Lets first understand your problem based on the positions of planets at time of your birth and present positions. You have nothing to worry unduly but correct yourself based on the following Astrological revealations.
You appear to be disciplined,organized,Goal oriented person,particular about your Material success.You are compassionate,honest,seldom revealing your inner most feelings to everyone,loving solitude at times,
Fast thinker,and people may mistake you as a cool detatched person than a warm and understanding person. You are sensitive to hurts,more comfortable in being a friend than a lover,perhaps because of fear of losing.
How was your relationsahip with your Dad as a child?
The main problem area centres round the Venus Saturn square aspect in Natal chart and the present transit of Saturn return,being in the 8th house from Natal Moon. For this you need to understand what is venus square Saturn and what you should do about it.
Venus square  Saturn
Giving and receiving love are not flowing and natural for people born with Venus in hard aspect to Saturn. Blockages are experienced, and love relationships may be a source of frustration as a result, until the natives learn to love themselves, and to feel worthy of love from others. Duty is often associated with love, and some might find themselves stuck in a loveless marriage, for example. Especially in youth, these people might feel awkward in some social situations, unsure of how to express affections, and fearful of rejection. Problematic Saturn positions often get better with age, experience, and practice, however! In its more negative expression, some people with this position learn to scheme in order to get what they want from a partner, or they might treat partnerships as if they were businesses.
These aspects can make natives especially sensitive to "cues" that suggest they are not loved or rejected in some way. People with Venus-Saturn in hard aspect can often "expect" rejection in issues of love and care, whether they are conscious of this tendency or not. This can often lead to negative situations in love -- and bad timing or the feeling of having "bad luck" in relationships.
People with Venus in hard aspect to Saturn might either downplay their physical appearance or pay excessive attention to it. Either way, self-consciousness with adornments is common. Often, people with this position sell themselves short. They are not risk takers when it comes to relationships, often choosing a path that they feel is safe, even if it is an uncomfortable one. Fear of giving can also express itself throughThe key to handling these aspects is to learn to loosen up and relax. Know that you may be oversensitive to rejection -- and try to gain some perspective when you feel your love is not being returned to your satisfaction. Are you truly letting love in, or is there a part of you that is scared? Could your expectations and "heaviness" in the area of relationships (you might take love more seriously than most) be getting in the way of accepting love and affection? Venus-Saturn people may have deep-seated feelings of being unworthy of love, even if they are able to rationalize and decide otherwise!
What the future holds: Before July 2016 you would again get an opportunity  to meet your Man, which has the potential to bloom into a greatr relationship.
Vedic Astrology is based on the Law of Karma,as you sow, so you reap principle.In order to overcome the bad Karmas in your lifes Bank account,carried forward from earlier births.In your case you need to help old peopleIn your life or visit old age home on 9 different Saturdays,spend time caring for them,with food and love.This helps.
Cheer upppppp,you have a good future ahead.So be positive.


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