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Dear Sir,

We are married for two years now but are childless, what are the progeny aspects. When will we become parents. I am a firm believer in God.

My details
Date of Birth: 27-06-1984 (DD-MM-YY)
Time of Birth: 03:05 AM
Place of Birth: Hyderabad (Telangana, India)

My Wife Details
Date of Birth: 25-06-1987 (DD-MM-YY)
Time of Birth: 03:09 PM
Place of Birth: Brahmapur (Odisha, India)

Thank you very much.

Dear Nilesh,
Yes,there is a delay in Child birth seen,but not denial.
You both do have child in your Horoscope.But there are Doshas seen
in Horoscope.Under normal circumstances the Child birth could be delayed
upto November 2017.I suggest some remedies to be undertaken by both of you.
1.She has to be remedied for Amavasya Dosha.Any knowledgable priest can help.
2.I wqould suggest 9 saturdays of Upvas Vrat by you and during the period worship
Tirupathi Balaji everyday.
3.She should undertake Santana Gopala Mantra Vata.
This will help expedite the birth of Child.
Please be loving to each other, and watch out any differences in relationship.
All the best,
om sri sai ram


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