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Astrology/burning problem on my marriage


QUESTION: dear sir.. i had an affair with a boy 6 years younger than me.. now i want to stop this affair anyhow. because i can't disobey my parents. but he doesn't like to stop this at all. what will be my future on this matter?? will i have to marry him?? or not?? please tell me i don't know what will happen to me........

my details- 11-april-1987
time-       9.09 am    colombo- sri lanka
lagna-      taurus
gender-     female

that boy's details   01-june-1993
time-    00.01 am (mid night)
lagna-   kumba (aquarius)
gender-  male

ANSWER: Shalini , as you have taken my services earlier also so please give ratings .
also give a number  in between 1 to 249  regarding to know marriage prospects with this person & post effects of  marriage  if so ?, as cross check from natal charts of both .

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: number- 211

Shalini ,compatibility score is 8 out of 36  very poor .
There is nadi dosha , bhakut  & mangal dosha present  .
 so as per standard norms of matching practice- marriage is not advisable at all .
 But in kp  this matching practice  & nadi dosha /mangal dosh or bhakuta dosha etc are not considered at all .
Here if 7th sub lord is connected to 5 7 11 houses  &  dasha/bhukti also supports house signification  love marriage is there and SAME SUB LORD is also connecting to 4 6 10 or 12th   houses  and dasha/bhukti also signify these houses - dis satisfaction , separation , quranrels  etc is bound to happen .
 all these combination are present in both the charts  so you must be strong to stop this issue at any situation other wise your life  is going to spoil  in near future  and will give distress to your parents  .

   i have seen  innumerable cases - in which the couples  are living  with happy  married with prosperity  in spite of having  non matching of  nadidoshas or mangal dosha or bhakut doshas  . Also seen innumerable cases of  failures of marriage - even though  they had best matching on the name of mangal doshas , nadi doshas bhakut doshas & finest score of compatibility and pooja path /anushthans .
Honestly  we people are not research minded  just we take granted that it is given in shastras so we should follow blindly  thanks as u asked i have given my suggestions ..


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