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QUESTION: Sir, Please tell me about Disha Shool.(like on which day of the week we should not plan a journey to a particular direction)

ANSWER: Dear Neelesh,

Let me clear one fundamental flaw of astrology.

Out of all astrological parameters , the day name is without any cosmic proof. So one can prove in sky that today this planet is in this Rashi or Nakshatra but there is no proof for verifying that today is Monday. You can check it at Wiki page for Panchangam also.

So, day sequence was started by someone , which we follow even today but day's name has no connection to its planet like Saturday has no connection with Saturn's position in sky .

This way , any rule which is linked with day is only a belief and it has no mathematical basis or proof .

So your question also has no answer . All week days are good for travel in any direction but some nakshatra may be bad for travel . Had it been true, rail and airlines would have closed their operations on such day.


Y C Shukla

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Then if I want to plan a journey, then how should I plan? (Like what astrological considerations should be made while planning a journey so that our journey will be comfortable and fruitful.)

ANSWER: Dear Neelesh ,

Astrology does not differentiate between human actions as it is basically mathematics of Time , so same rules will apply to all events whether it is start of a new life ( birth of a person), start of a journey , start of a company or any new work or event , all of which happen under TIME.

Therefore , every moment can have a chart and it should be interpreted with one's Rashi reference. Mostly current Moon's position with respect to your Moonsign at birth will decide your mood in any work you undertake.

There are current Moons's places like 6,8,12th from Moonsign which are bad and 1,5,9, 4, 10 , 11 generally good. Some people find it by current Nakshatra of Moon counted from birthtime Nakshatra and that also gives good results.

Apart from these calculation based methods , there are practical , symptom based methods called Shakun to determine confidently whether any journey / project  will be fruitful or not.

It is a vast subject under chartless astrology , which is not possible to describe it in detail here but it does work and quite useful .

I have designed a decision-making workshop based on the Shakun Shastra only . You may see this link for this


Y C Shukla

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QUESTION: Sir, if this the case, then what is the use of Disha Shool? Why is it mentioned all over in astrology books, internet, calenders etc etc?

Dear Neelesh ,

It is very childish question but I would answer this. Once somebody asked Khushwant Singh , editor of Times of India why he publishes weekly forecast ( Rashi phal ) when he knows it is not true . He said we publish it because people like to read it . Now people have no time to test its truthfulness so the cycle goes on .

Media does something because people like it and people read it because media writes it.Nobody has time to check the truth and even if knows the truth , it is not concerned to stop this or educate people. There are magazines like Sarita , Delhi Press group who have policy of not publishing Bhavishyaphal. Similarly , all state govts know that wine is bad for poor people but they still award contract of wine shop and get more than 2 lakh crore tax all over India  while Gujrat is dry state is not doing it and still it is more developed state and has less crime rate also  .

So, now ask why majority state govt. are selling wine ?

If a cancer patient goes to an Ayurvedic , Homeopathic or naturopathic practitioner , nobody will refuse and say that go to a cancer hospital and chemotherapy .

So, if somebody is saying something , we should use our own wisdom and should see whether it is correct or not, by observing a few times . Just because it is published in a newspaper , calendar or website , it does not become authentic. Even these publishers write a small letter disclaimer that they do not own any responsibility for its correctness .

In today's time , nobody is after correctness but only after getting money by selling anything and anyhow , so one needs to apply own intelligence in deciding something.

Astrology is not correct 100% and about 60-70% theories have lost their meaning because of new society and technological progress , Legal and medical systems , which were not present when astrological theories were invented .

I hope this clears the issue.


Y C Shukla  


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