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I was wondering if you could help me with some questions I have about the outer self - the year you are born and the inner self - the month you are born ... what does it mean when the signs for the year and month are signs that conflict, such as being pig year but snake month or rooster year but rabbit month? does it help even out the conflict or create conflict for the person, I guess what I'm asking is if two harmonious signs for year and month is better?

Many thanks


ANSWER: Michelle,

Very good question. Both confer benefits. I'd argue it's better for them to be harmonious. When they're not, you get issues along with the benefits.

If they're harmonious, they reinforce each other. They help you maintain clarity and avoid confusion. If they're not, they benefit you by giving you a range of capabilities you don't get by having all harmonious signs. But, they can lead to inner confusion, self doubt, hesitancy to act. That's because it won't be uncommon for you to have conflicting views or pulled in almost opposite directions.

There is one way where there won't be much difference. That is, if the person knows about the conflicts, understands and accepts them. That minimizes the negative effects while retaining the positive ones. It's also helpful to let people close to you know you have these conflicting tendencies so they don't think you're irrationally unpredictable. That'll help with your interpersonal relationships.

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Thank you for your question.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: That was great info thank you, it explains a lot! I guess I have one follow on question, given this info a 'what sibling next' type, in the order of Year, month & hour, I'm Pig, snake, Ox.  my husband is sheep, Dog, snake and my son is snake, sheep, rooster.  The little serpent has run me ragged! and still is!! If we were to give him a sibling, I've been told that sheep year is best, but it's already March & I'm ragged! I've no desire for another right now! in the next few years I've been told rooster is my best bet, especially as I'm keen to give them the best chance of getting on. I was looking at the months & rabbit and sheep seemed best for all of us? but then if we had a rooster in rabbit month, they'd have the conflict we just talked about, so would sheep be better?

Again many thanks, it's hard to find info on how year, month and hour interact. I've already got the Susan Levitt book based on reading a response you gave to a previous person, but have leant it out at the moment!


The compatibilities are very good for Rooster. The catch is your son has a Rooster day sign. Can you say cock fights and sibling rivalry?! You're right, Sheep month in a Rooster year would be good. Rabbit could work, but it will really put older brother in the driver's seat. He will be able to make life miserable for the young one if he wants to do it. Nevertheless, Rooster and Snake do get along well.

I have to say you're talking on a tough task. Both Snake and Rooster can be challenging, especially for a Pig sign person (Pig clashes with Snake). Although Rooster sign people get along well with the Pig, they can be argumentative, nagging and nit picky -- very particular.

Good luck.

Thank you for your question.  


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