QUESTION: Respected Sir,

Kindly advice me regarding my career, as I am facing lots of troubles these days. I am sitting jobless at home. I want to go abroad for my career. Can i? I am also very confused. Please help.



ANSWER: Vaibhav,

I have seen your chart in which your main planet Mercury , the ascendant and profession lord is placed in a bad 8th house . And its Dasha has also started from last year which will continue till 2031.

Before that you were in Saturn dasha which was placed in best location at ascendant , so you had little problems from 1995 to 2014 .

Now if you do not follow the intellectual methods of Mercury , like being good observer , going into details , reading and listening carefully , you will face immediate setback because planet Mercury with punishing mood is in full power now being Mahadasha lord .

I would give one immediate example here . You have not followed any instructions given by me for people asking questions to me. You have not written any dates for your problem , the qualification or experience you have etc.

Under this situation , should I predict for you the job of  a domestic help , a casual labourer or a professor, scientist or engineer . I have no factual data to confirm your chart .

This way , by your one careless act , you not only fail yourself but waste time of the person who may help you by counselling . And that applies to your employer also.

So, start improving your habits , then any job can be yours as jobs will be coming to you and you will not search jobs.


Y C Shukla


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: First of all thanks for answering the question Sir,

I am understanding what message you want to convey to me and I admit that I am a bit careless person in that regard. Thanks for pointing that.

Sir, I am into software field and lost my job on 10th March 2015. I applied at many places but never received a call. I am still searching a job. Kindly suggest me what can I do to get a job as early as possible.

Also I want to go abroad. Is there any chance  for that.

From now onwards I am carrying your advice for future benefits.



Dear Vaibhav ,

You are in IT sector and you may be knowing more than me that the 90% IT jobs are now being eaten away by Super Computers and there will be very less jobs people did in 2000-2012 period while Indian Varsities are churning out 4 times IT graduates .

So, take a long view , change the stream and find something else. This I am saying based on the questions / stories coming to me at this website , where 70% professional or job loss cases are from experienced IT people , being shown pinkslips from employers and only brightest among IT employees being retained .


Y C Shukla


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