QUESTION: Question:When we will have a child?
Dear sir,
The details of myself and my husband are given below:
my birth details-
T.O.B-3.20 P.M(1520 HRS)

my husband details-
T.O.B-1.50 A.M(0150 HRS)


ANSWER: Rupa , you will conceive a child after May 2016 as  per  dasha /bhukti periods running  in both charts  you need not to worry at all on this issue , you must pray lord Ganesha in any manner     g o o d l u c k .

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Sir,Is it may 2016 or may 2015?.....Running dasa Mer/jup....Jup(karaka of childbirth)in ket star(close to 11th cusp& ketu in mars sign also.... conjoined with mars(lord of 11) and mars positioned in 11...sat sub(lord of 2 and aspects 5)........So why I will conceive after 1 year in sat bhukti...running jup bhukti also seems favourable.I am learning asking you.Forgive me if I disturbed you.


Rupa i am highly glad to know that young generation like you is learning  kp .
 Let us check guru signification  - guru  bhukti lord is placed in ketu star  and  shani sub .
guru signifies 3 1 12 (bhave chart as rashi lord  )placed in 12 .
  ketu signification - 10 position , star lord of 4rth - 12th to 5th child birth and  fulfilment of desire /8th/12th - frustration and humiliation medical expenses etc .
    ketu placed in mars sign so as mars - sign lord of 4rth 12th to 5th , star lord of 2nd sign lord of 11th  and placed in 11 . shani- a delaying planet is star lord of mars placed in 10th-12th to 11hs   2nd sign lord shani 11th star lord .
similarly ketu is placed in shani -which i have explained
shani in rahu star  placed in  4rth hs.
 SUB lord of guru is venus appearing 2 5 11 and 8 10 12 house '
 we see that guru bhukti lord related  is some detrimental house 4 10 12 8 houses also with 2 5 11 hs so seems mixed results .
AS SUB lord is  signifying also 8 10 12 house so guru bhukti can not give child birth . In this way  bhukti lords are judged .
 please give ratings thanks .


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