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My name is neha dob is 7feb 1988 5:45pm place Delhi. Currently I am in relationship with someone but there is so much complications in this relationship. His name is vipin. Dob is 18 June 1986 time 12:30 pm uttarakhand. Plz guide whether this relationship convert into marriage or not.


From a Chinese Astrology perspective this relationship has a 69% favorable rating, which is very good. Usually a match with a rating this high has a nice chance of lasting and bringing the couple happiness. Let me take a closer look at the details.

As for communications, you have an average amount of Water in your charts, so that is not necessarily the problem. I do see two things though, both having to do with your elements rather than your animal signs.

First, you are lacking Metal in your charts. That element is associated with determination and a fighting spirit. It's possible that, as a couple, you just don't have it in you to fight through the tough times -- and every relationship has them. Secondly, He has a lot of Fire, and you have a lot of Earth. These are very different personalities. Also, strong Earth, to be honest, is not the lady's friend. He has lots of Fire, probably excessive (temperamental). This makes him dynamic and charismatic. Easy to see why you fell for him. Unfortunately strong Earth makes you the more down to Earth, "home-spun" type, maybe coming off as boring to the opposite sex. It's possible you just don't "turn him on," that is, excite him.

So while theoretically there's a very good (69%) chance this match leads to marriage, practically I only give it about a 50-50, 50% one. Do you have the determination to make it work, even though you lack Metal in your chart. Am I right about you possibly lacking charisma? If so, you'll need to do something about that. Keep in mind, you cannot change who you are. I'm just talking about minor adjustments to your wardrobe, appearance & behavior. Trying to do too much usually backfires. My conclusion, then, is there's a chance, but you'll have to work for it, and it won't be easy.

If you would like to learn more about relationships, I highly recommend Shelly Wu's Chinese Sexual Astrology and Susan Levitt's Taoist Astrology. Also, please visit my web site, If you would like a detailed analysis of this match, you can order one at the site for a modest charge. And, if you like the web site, please "like" it on Facebook and tell your friends about it.

Thank you for your question.  


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