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"Hi Anil, my name is Meirav, female. My DOB: 21, February, 1980, 15:00 pm, Israel, Tel Aviv. I'd like to consult with you regarding my love life as it's a very urgent and a pending issue in my life. I'm currently 35 years old and I cannot seem to find my second half, the right man for me. I'm keep dating men and nothing works out and I'm quite frustrated out of this ongoing situation for so many years. I'd like to know if you predict for me any long term and serious relationship soon according to my chart? Your help and insights are highly valuable to me, feel free to share with me honestly everything you see.


Lord of seventh house-Saturn is in retrograde position in your horoscope. Mars and Jupiter are also in retrograde position and are in second house. These factors may cause further delay in marriage. Any way you may find your right man between April 2016 and August 2018. If possible wear energized Shukra Yantra locket. God bless.

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