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hi lelonni my name is christina birthday 5/12/1974 birthtime 11:39 am birthplace east chicago indiana my queston is i have jupiter in pisces in the 8th house does it mean my husband will be rich ty

In Astrology everything depends on everything else.  One of the things Jupiter can mean is marriage to a person well off, it can also mean you make investments that pay off well.  The other side of Jupiter is you have excess where it falls, the eighth house is the house of debt so it can mean to much spending over extending yourself. I personally think of Jupiter as a guardian angel so where you find him you are protected.  This does not mean you get everything you want but it does mean when push comes to shove you will get the relief you need.  For example if you over extend and have more debt than you can handle all of a sudden you have some extra money coming in. it may be just enough to get by but it does save the day for you.  Your Jupiter does not have a lot of aspects. aspects are where a planet it plugged in or the outlet of energy.  When you don't have a lot of aspects you don't have a lot of being plugged in so the ones you do have take on extra importance.  The two aspects your Jupiter make are a trine to Mars and a Square to Neptune. The trine to Mars is very close so its the most important trines are an easy flow of energy Mars is your ability to take action so in your case I think you have the ability to create your own wealth, but that square to Neptune has you day dreaming about how money can just show up or come into your life.  So my advice is to take some sort of action like making an investment that will provide for you later in life, then if you do meet someone of means your not dependent.  


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