Sir I have been to many astrologers with respect to my marriage.Some of them have very straighforwardly told me that the longevity of my marriage will be short since I am an 8th house manglik person.

My father has passed away.I just have my mother in my family.Thus my marriage becomes even more important to me.Can you please tell me that is my married life that bad as per my chart.We have been looking for a groom but not able to find one.Maybe my chart gets rejected coz i am 8th house manglik.

Please reply

10:46PM Dehradun

some events of my life
father passed away-20th nov 2013
small accident-11-12-2012 had an ankle fracture which recovered in 2 mothns.
MBA by education finished in 2013.

Priyamvada - true you have mars in 8th house but it is  with guru , there is a rule if mangal is is with guru mangal dosha gets cancelled  , most important point is that both mangal and guru is placed in vrishabh rashi  means in sign of lagna and lagnesh is placed in 5th house so mangal dosha gets cancelled again .this mangal /guru yuti denoted undue delay in marriage only but  you will marry in 2016 after april  and please note that your married life longevity long with full of peace/ happiness with coperation but there you may be circumstances to live separated  due to job conditions temporarily  so be free from fear of mangal dosha .  


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