Astrology/Bad fortune


Hello Sir,
Bless you.

I have a problem with bad luck and my prayers are not answered.

My details are.

Name - PushpaSri Gimhana
Country - Sri Lanka
Birth day - 1991/11/06
Birth time - 2.08 pm
Birth city - Chilaw

Religion - None / I cannot follow any I feel unhappy and war with religion.
but I respect your religion and all.

I was lucky before.
and my luck disappeared.
I want it back.


I am wearing Nava graha (numerical) yantra + Vashikaran yantra
and Surya (numerical) yantra on chest

All made by me and energized by Beej mantras while doing puja and ghee lamps and things. Yantras written on copper plates and heated and done pujas.

Also I am wearing a ring on my right hand. middle finger
Padmaraga (brahmin varna) + Pearl + Blue sapphire


I know I am in Shani - Ketu time period.


Today I did pray Lord Sun for 1 hour with Yantras and fruit and ghee lamp.
I want luck

I want to know from you is how to get my Dhan yoga which in my chart, and How to get my luck back ??

please dont tell me to pray shiva, hanuman, any god related to brahmachari.

The mantras and things I do are not effective.
Even Ganesh beej mantras are not working. even Lord Vishnu mantras are not effective like it was before.

EVEN Lakshmi Sadhana not working, Efforts of 11 days continuous works no results at all.
Please tell me how to get my luck back..
I want fast help and fast luck.

I tried to fix my 7th lord who is in 9th house.
After finding foreign girl I was SUPER lucky. but she left me and luck slowly faded away.

Increasing the power of 7th lord bring opportunities to see foreigners in my country and every day I see them suddenly.

I want to be lucky again like it was before.
pleas help.

Thank you very much for helps.
May the Lord Vishnu and Kama deva bless you.

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