Pranaam sir,

I had already contacted you 2.5 years back regarding the same question and you said I should give this thing some time so I am back with the question again. I am in love with a person of another religion since 4 years. I want to marry him and I am very confident that he is the best person for me still I do fear that how I will be able to adjust in his home as his family follows a completely different faith that I have followed. How will I manage to have an extremely happy and successful marriage. also I am career oriented and I am suspicious how will I be able to manage my career after marriage as his is a very conservative family. Please throw some light if possible.

My dob 24 February 1989, time 2.10 am place patna
25.6000 N, 85.1000 E
His dob 6 October 1991, time 7.15 pm place-ajman (UAE)
25.3995 N, 55.4796 E

Hello H, Thankx for giving me opportunity to help you. As per your chart there are chances of two marriage. This doesn't means that exactly ritual marriage break upwith person who you live like wife is also count as a marriage. So if you have already break this type of relation than go ahead with this person you will enjoy if this is first relation than this is not going to survive and better drop the idea of marriage with this person. God bless you.


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