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Birth Chart  
I am struggling with my higher education. I am supposed to be in 4th year by this September but so far I have went to two different universities and I am starting again from first year this September. Also I  never have money it is always getting spent on wasteful stuff. I would like to know if I will finish school like my undergrad and do my masters? WIll I get a good job (what kind of career) maybe I am studying the wrong courses for university, Will I be able to make lots of money (most important)  and will I get married. If I do get Married is it love or arranged marriage? What kind of person will the spouse be? I heard about something called Arudha Lagna, i think it is how someone views you, I was wondering how people see me? Also I have been very interested in astrology recently for example like I know Saturn in 7th house can delay the marriage and I was wondering in the future is the chance of me being a vedic astrloger?

Date of Birth 03/22/95
time 19:57
Toronto, Canada

My Ascendant is Virgo (chitra nakshatra, pada 1)

Rahu in second house 12:15 degrees (Svati Nakshatra pada 2)

Jupiter in 3rd house 21:26 degrees (Jyshta Nakshtara, Pada 2)
Moon in 3rd house 27:26  degrees (Jyeshta Nakshtara pada 4)

Venus in 6th house 00.01 degrees (Dhanishta Nakshtra Pada 3)
Mercury in 6th house 18:32 degrees (Satabisha Nakshatra Pada 4)
Saturn in 6th house 23:17 degrees (Purvabhadra Nakshatra Pada 1)

Sun in the 7th house 08:08 degrees ((uttarabhada Nakshatra Pada 2)

Ketu in the 8th house 12:15 (Aswini Nakshatra Pada 4)

delibated mars in 11th house 19:23 (Ashlesha Nakshatra  Pada1)

Asking too many questions, as if I had to plan your whole life :) .

One question I will answer - Studies

Your 4th lord guru has 6th house aspect, so you will fail miserably in studies. After June 2016, improvement in studies.

All other questions, it will take time and money (gurudakshina)

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