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Astrology/Rajju in Ashtakoot Vs Dasavitha (Ten) porutham


Hello Sir,

After doing some superficial research on vedic astrology, I find that there are two different methods of star matching being followed in North and South India. While North India follows what is called the Ashtakoot(eight) method, South India follows dasavitha(ten) porutham method.

Though I have read in some blog posts that both the methods take into consideration similar factors, I want to know how exactly does Rajju porutham fit in the Ashtakoot method. Since, Rajju porutham is attached extreme importance in South India, I am sure that the Ashtakoot method should as well have something similar.

Also I would like to know if the stars fall under the same Rajju but split across Arohanam and Avarohanam category, would it be fine to go ahead with the alliance ?

It would be great if you can shed some light on this topic.


The ancient Rishis had prescribed based on place and region of birth.
Like South is hot and north is cold. So the Rajju porutha is given very much importance in South, as that decides the conceiving pattern.

So just follow your place porutha, for simplicity.

Also I had seen many alliances made on porutha ONLY, and after that the marriage failed miserably. BECAUSE, the charts are not compared FIRST and then the porutha.


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