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Hello sir,
My dob is June 24, 1982 and my husband(Amit) dob is Nov 30, 1978. We have been staying separately since last 7.5 months. We have a 1.5 yr daughter staying with me. I have been trying to talk to him and get things back together but he has not been responding. Does he love me?

Also, if you could help me with this: is this marriage heading to divorce or a reconciliation? if reconciliation then how soon?

Dear Anjani

Thank you for your question. Some of the things I write in your answer you may not want to hear….but I write the truth and with respect to you always ok? :- )
As I volunteer here to help people like yourself, I am only able to give a brief answer ok? :-- )

Anjani, I am shown that there have been problems in your marriage…arguments are seen.
Amit is a person who has a tremendous amount of energy about him, he seems to be able to go all the time without much of a break :- )
Amit does love you deeply but because of the problems, he feels there is no positive outcome ahead, he can’t see a solution to this…so he stays away. In order to get him back, changes need to happen ….and then you will see him move toward you again and try. The love is there without a doubt.

Amit is a very hard worker and he feels as though you don’t understand him and respect what he does for you. ( I’m sorry to sound harsh Anjani…everything I write is with absolute respect to you always) He is not domestic and almost refuses to do anything that resembles house work so he leaves this up to you.
He has a way of releasing stress in his life which is different to most people….he works hard and gains the respect from others and this makes him happy…he also feels he owes it to himself to enjoy life and have a bit of pleasure which brings him happiness, this in turn relieves his stress in his life. So he doesn’t want someone brining him down or negative…stand by him…support him in every way you can and show him you are proud of him and grateful for the little things he does for you and you will see a man change before your very eyes :- )
As hard as he works, money is not what drives him…happiness is….and a worry free life ok? So you now have the inside information how to make him relax and stress free.
Think back to when you first met him…what attracted him to you….what did he love about you…what were you wearing...where did you go…try and recapture that woman he fell in love with ok?
Amit needs security in life…and by that I mean he needs to know he has a woman taking care of the home and his little baby….and when he comes home, it’s a place where he can relax and unwind and find some peace and happiness at home…he is not finding this now…and that is why he is keeping away….
He needs to feel in control of home…he never rushes into any decision and will take his time to look at the pros and cons about every situation…this is what he has been doing the last few months.

If Amit works hard and wants to take you away for a fun time…which gives him pleasure…let him do that…don’t be conservative worrying about the money…saying oh! We can’t do that because there’s no money….because in his eyes he will see, he works hard to provide and he can’t even relax and enjoy his time off how he wants to…so show him a new you…become fun. Call him and tell him you’d love to go away with him for a day somewhere to have fun….bring back some excitement in his life.

Anjani, I hope I have managed to help you in some small way and answer your question :- )

Hugs and blessings to you always



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