QUESTION: hi my name is christina birthday 05/12/1974 female my question is will i ever find my lifemate and get married ty

ANSWER: Dear Christina

Thank you for your question. Please can I ask you to verify if your birthday is 12 May 1974 or 5 December 1974? I get questions from all over the world and different people use a different format :)

Love and blessings



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QUESTION: its may 12 1974

Dear Christina

Thank you for your question. As I volunteer here to help people like yourself who need clarity and answers to life’s challenging problems we’re faced with…I am only able to give a brief answer ok? :)

You will find your soulmate, I'm shown this. However you need to be patient and follow the dates exactly that I'm shown. Do not settle for Mr Wrong until Mr Right comes along, as you may miss out on your potential  love partner.

I highly recommend that you join a online dating service as this way you can stipulate exactly what you are looking for :) There are two potential soulmates coming through for you, the Universe wants you to make the final decision on who you want to spend your life with. The first one is born at the end of 1966 the other born around about the 25 Feb-17March 1966.

If you would like a more in-depth reading regarding information about what they will feel for you and about your relationship and where it can go, it will help you make a more informed decision.....that is a donated reading.

Love and blessings always



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