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Astronomy/jason discoverer model 313 telescope


is there an instructional manual available?

HI Rick

Here is one site with the whole manual (for a 313) as a series of jpegs:

I'd also recommend these sites, from amateur telescope makers' pages--a great explanation of ways to make that scope work better.

And here is some information from one of the employees at Bushnell--who bought the Jason brand name:

This is from Bushnell's public relations department although it doesn't appear on any of their websites:

Jake Levin founded Jason/Empire, Inc. in 1947.  Jake and his son, Dick, started the business by importing binoculars from France, as well as cigarettes and pearls from the Orient.  The product was sold to jewelry stores and catalog showrooms.  The company’s name was created by shortening the name of “Jake and Son” to get Jason. Empire was the name of a brand of products the company sold.  Jason’s
original location was on the 8th floor of a building at 12th and Walnut in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.  The company later moved to
a facility in Kansas City on Warwick Boulevard.  As the business continued to grow, Dick was responsible for the expansion and evolution of the binocular and telescope business into a major competitor in the U.S. Sports optics market.

Carson Companies, Inc. of Minneapolis acquired Jason/Empire, Inc. in 1977.  In 1987, Jason introduced the Perma Focus binocular.  This patented binocular eliminated the need for focusing and revolutionized the binocular industry.  GlassOn, the first binocular exclusively for eyeglass wearers, was introduced in 1991.  The eyeglass wearer could obtain a wide angle, full field of view when using the binoculars while wearing eyeglasses.  Other innovations included: the graphite binocular, upscale consumer packaging, clam packaging, the “Easy Track” telescope mount, and the telescope dual-position diagonal eyepiece.

In 1992, Bausch & Lomb a.k.a. Bushnell, purchased Jason from Carlson Companies and moved the sports optics operation to the current facility in Overland Park, Kansas.  The name of the division was changed from Bushnell to Bausch & Lomb Sports Optics Division.

Bausch & Lomb divested the Sports Optics Division in 1995 and Bushnell became a wholly owned subsidiary of Worldwide Sports & Recreation, Inc (WSR).  WSR was a leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of brand name sporting goods and outdoor-recreational products.

Since then, Bushnell has changed hands again and the Jason name has been discontinued.  It is no longer used in new products produced by Bushnell and  many of the more popular models were simply rebranded as Bushnell models.  Hope that adds a little bit of information for those looking for information on Jason models.

Hope that helps!

Paul Wagner  


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