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Dear Paul

Do UFO really exists OR Can we classify them as Science Fiction Objects ?.

If i am not wrong, There were also some movies also made on Flying Saucers regarding aliens Landing from UFO.

Another Interesting point to be noted is UFO Shape. i.e. flat bottomed saucer, convex on one side.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Hi Prashant

Let's start with two different questions.  

1.  Are there objects in the sky that have been seen by pilots, civilians, etc, that were not immediately identified?  

The answer to that one is absolutely yes.  The term UFO was created to help pilots classify anything they saw as they were flying.  IF they couldn't identify it, they described it as a UFO--unidentified flying object.  Over time, most of these objects were identified and classified, and were thus taken off the list of UFOs. Some are still unexplained, and continue to be unidentified.

But the second question is the larger one:

2.  Is there a chance that any of these Unidentified Flying Objects are or were alien spacecraft?  I have not seen anny evidence that convinces me.  It's true that Hollywood has shown us films about these things---but Hollywood also shows us Batman, Superman, vampires and Hobbits.  That doesn't mean these things exist, obviously.  Hollywood is successful when they effectively capture our dreams...not when they accurately depict reality.  For me, the most obvious answer is that if there were truly aliens flying around in flying saucers, don't you think that we would see more of them?  If there were aliens, would they be satisfied with landing one flying saucer somewhere, and having it disappear?  Even our own space programs have landed multiple craft on Venus, Mars, etc.

Hope that helps clarify your thoughts.

Paul Wagner  


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