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Mercury and Mars have similar surface gravities, yet Mars has a permanent atmosphere while Mercury does not.  Explain why.

Permanent?...  Who says (or establishes) that today's conditions are "permanent"? (as in forever)?
Both planets have no magnetic field to protect their atmospheres, so eventual solar wind erosion will occur in both cases.  Mercury being much closer of course would experience a much higher velocity solar wind so one would expect to find a near-zero atmosphere on Mercury after 4.5 billion years of solar wind bombardment.

Mars, on the other hand, experiences a weaker solar wind but it's atmosphere is also very tenuous.  But Mars still has frozen solid carbon dioxide ice on it's surface (polar caps and permafrost soil) which slowly sublimates up into the atmosphere providing a very thin CO2 atmosphere at the PRESENT time period.  But are we now, at this time frame, the final end result for the Martian atmosphere???  Probably not.  Eventually all the carbon dioxide ice will sublimate into the atmosphere and the ever-present solar wind will strip it away, and in the end (a very short 100 million years from now compared to 4.5 billion years).... Mars will  have, like Mercury, a near-zero atmosphere also.  Mars, being farther and colder than Mercury, just got lucky to have a reservoir of dry ice still present on the planet in this time period, which I doult will last "forever".  So forget the idea of 'permanent'.
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