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I am 64 years old and spent most of my time outside, I look up more than I do down.  I have never seen a ring around the moon like this.  I could not take a picture because the ring was to large.  I am located south of Houston near the gulf, I did notice a lot of comtrails or chemtrails yesterday, they totally covered the sky, could this have something to do with the large circle around moon?

Hi Dennis,
Yes, there are actually 2 halo forms around the sun or moon; the standard and brighter is the 22 degree halo (about 1.5 hand spans at arm's length in diameter) and the non-standard and fainter is the rarer 46 degree halo, see

All haloes, rings, pillars, arcs, etc. are all atmospherics, caused by cirrostratus ice crystals in the upper atmosphere.  In fact, anything departing from a normal sun and moon, and anything departing from a stellar pin-point for the stars and planets (like twinkling)... is all atmospherics.

Sometimes remaining contrails in the evening hours that have not dissipated fully, can lead to high cirrostratus ice clouds. So yes, they could be a factor, but normally it's just an approaching weather system containing high cirrostratus cloud forms that cause the haloes.
There are no such things as chem trails (I am a former air force pilot)  as shown by logical thinking... I assume you mean the evil trails, as no pilot would intentionally poison his family, then land and walk through the alleged poison.  Plus, of what purpose the chem trail?  To reduce population, or to lower the lifespan so the government does not have to pay old age pensions?  Then I submit to you that theories like Harps and Chem trails are a complete and  utter total failure (even more than Hussien Abominal-care..) as life spans have increased dramatically the past three decades and populations have also increased. So the reverse happened and your so-called harps and chem trails are... ficticious and irrational.
Clear Skies,
Tom Whiting
Erie, PA


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Astronomy has been my hobby/pasttime for over 50 years.  Currently own 3 telescopes, the largest of which is a 30 inch Newtonian truss Dob that is portable.I taught Astronomy/Meteorology at the University Level for 13 years before retiring in 1995. Being retired and home most of the time, I am able to answer all questions relatively quickly, unless it's a new moon weekend with good observing conditions.  No astrology questions please, or questions about alleged UFO picture identifications.


Experience: Astronomy has been my hobby and study for over 50 years. We currently now own a 30 inch portable telescope (Updated - Pennsylvania`s largest portable telescope). It can be seen on our website at: and also attend several regional starparties during the year, and have been on 5 total solar eclipse expeditions.

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