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Are worm holes real? and if they are, what do they do?

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At this time, worm holes are strictly theoretical, meaning that there's no reason they couldn't exist. However, no such object has ever been observed.

A worm hole could be thought of as a short cut between different locations in space. If you saw the sci-fi movie "Contact" with Jodie Foster, it was a worm hole that she traveled great distances through space. Worm holes would warp the space in which they lie in such a way as to provide a shorter distance between two points. If you take a piece of paper and draw to dots on it, maybe 5 inches apart, then fold the paper so that the dots are directly opposite each other you can see that the distance between them has decreased significantly. Just substitute the dots with worm holes and think of the paper as space and you should have an idea about worm hole theory.


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