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If someone were to go in a black hole, how would time change? Lastly, is there anything useful you can tell me?

As you may know, time is relative, meaning that if I was moving away from you at near the speed of light and you could monitor a clock in my spaceship it would appear to be moving slower than your clock. On the other hand, to me in the spaceship my clock is showing the right time but it's your clock that's wrong. This is one of the aspects of Einstein's Relativity and the same kind of thing holds true in a black hole. If I was entering a black hole its gravity would cause me to move faster and faster (forget about being torn apart by the gravity), making my time seem to be passing slower than it was for you. When I was at what's called the "event horizon" of the black hole, I'd be moving so fast that you'd see my time as shown by my clock actually stop.


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