Hi Tom,  I hope you are doing well.  My question has to do with the universe.  I understand that the universe is not static but is expanding.  Do the scientists have any theories regarding what exists at the physical "end or edge" of the universe?

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Sorry for the delay Rox, but our computer was out for repairs.
Yes, there are 2 main theories, one is that we are simply expanding into what was the original "Void" that existed prior to the Big Bang. This theory believes that the original
VOID was infinite in all directions at the "beginning".
Another theory is the multiverse concept where we (our Universe) is not alone and we are expanding toward the "edge" of another spherical Universe... this involves branes (membranes)
where our Universe is likened to a single slice of bread in a loaf of bread.
A third concept proposed is that we are all just a "simulation" on a giant "GOD" computer and we all hope "HE" doesn't hit the delete key in the near future!
This idea comes from the fact that our own computers and pictures, when you magnify down to just a couple of pixels, the image gets fuzzier and fuzzier (less and less resolution)...
and the exact same thing happens to matter when you delve down into the quantum level; things become fuzzier and fuzzier as you head down to the Planck length. So maybe, just maybe, matter is just a bunch of computer controlled... pixels.   (just another idea for us to contemplate).
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