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Could you please tell me whether the land mass appeared on earth prior to water OR water was there prior to formation of land? Few lines on how the earth is formed after Big Bang, will be helpful.

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The origin of the continents as well as oceans remains a vast area which is still fraught with much conjecture. However, you can get a fairly good idea of what transpired and in what order at this website which also has excellent graphics.

Note the actual formation process for the Earth needed the more massive stars to form first and this was nearly 9 billion years after the Big Bang. It required these heavier metal abundance stars to then explode (via supernovae)  sending their effluent outwards and this then formed the basis of the solar nebula from which the primitive Sun and planets originated. Check the link above then use Google to learn more about the other aspects (e.g. supernovae). Obviously, this topic far exceeds any normal answer that can be provided in a forum such as this!


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