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Antique telescope 2  
I was given a antique 5 inch refracting telescope. In cleaning it up, I found no name of the telescope maker. I tried researching it on the internet with no success. Can you give me any direction that I can go ?  I am interested in the age of the telescope and the maker. I have included 2 photos of the telescope.

Any help that you can give me is greatly appreciated.

Charles Derewecki

Hi Charles

This is a tough one.  The value (and the age) of the scope would be tied most closely to the maker of the lens.  Have you taken out the lens cell to look at it?  That's where it is most likely to have a small name etched.

The primary lens cell almost certainly screws into the tube, so you may have to unscrew it to see what it might say.  Be very careful that you don't scratch the lens, or allow the lenses inside (There are probably two, a crown and a flint) to get mixed up.  They need to sit in the cell exactly as they are to work well.

If there is no name there, you might also look inside the eyepiece tube or focused...although that is less likely.  

Without that information it is hard to date this scope very accurately.  It's a classic design, and it could be anywhere from about sixty years old to even more than two hundred years old.  

Paul Wagner  


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