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I am researching to buy my husband a laser pointer for C'mas. He enjoys pointing out the night sky to our grandkids through the telescope,binoculars or naked eye. This would make it much easier for them to see where he's directing their attention. We attended a star party during the summer and the presenter had one. I cannot find him online anywhere to inquire.
I'm curious after some research to ask if there is a difference and preferred color for a laser as well as what is an appropriate beam strength. He is an avid night sky observer.  Thanks for any help/advice you can provide!  donna


While I myself have not used laser pointers, amateurs I know in the Barbados Astronomical Society have. The applicable types are available from Edmund Scientific Co. You can find a selection of those generally used for astronomy at this link:

Generally, the 'Best buy' version is the one they choose, but I suspect any of them would fit the bill for your particular purpose.

Hope this helps!


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