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I was told that the constellation Virgo sometimes has 9 stars in her "crown" and that in 2017 she will also have three roaming planets join those and she will have 12 "stars" in her crown and that this is very unusual. Also, during that year the king planet Jupiter is supposed to pass through her "stomach" for 9 months. I have been trying to find out if this is true and how often this occurs. Very interested in light of Revelation 12 and the fact that messianic Jews believe Jesus was born during Sukkot which was celebrated last week. Was this constellation in this formation approximately 2,000 years ago? I'm more interested in that than the 2017 thing, but would like to know both and not sure where to look.

First of all, there is one question that you have to ask when asking this question and that is "When was Jesus born?". Everyone thinks it was December 25th 0, however it cannot have been because a) there was no 0, you went from 1 BCE to 1 AD and b) the census that Mary and Joseph were counted under happened in 4BCE. So what I have done is looked for anything that Jupiter does in Virgo from 6BCE onwards

Jupiter enters Virgo's "stomach" on September 20th 1 BCE and then pops out on October 12th. However if you mean the constellation boundary, then Jupiter enters it on September 10th 2 BCE leaves it on January 13th 1 AD, likes it so much it pops back for a visit on February 22nd (thanks to the theory of retrograde motion) before saying goodbye on August 27th 1 AD before doing the same thing again over a similar timescale in August 11AD (in other words about every twelve years or so)

The 2017 happening starts on August 10th 2016 (constellation boundary), enters "stomach" on December 19th 2016, leaves "stomach" on April 13th 2017, re-enters "stomach" on August 19th 2017, leaves "stomach" on September 11th 2017, leaves on November 15th 2017 (constellation boundary)


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