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Where can I find a new tripod for our old telescope?

HI Laura

That's a bit of a problem.  They don't sell these tripods separately, and there is reason for that--they don't work very well.  But that doesn't mean you are completely out of luck.

One option would be to use a regular camera tripod, if you are handy enough to make an adapter to hold the scope.  It would work about as well as the original, anyway.

The second option is to check out local garage sales....but the tripod you find might well come with the scope attached!

Finally, check out this great site:

It's from a group of amateur astronomers who suggest that you'll be a lot happier, and use your scope a lot more, if you forget about the original mount, and make one of these simpler but steadier mounts that usually go with larger scopes.

Hope that helps!

Paul Wagner


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