Are there any galaxies with planes of rotation almost perpendicular to the line of sight with large z (say z>1)? It is my prediction (from an alternative model) and general impression from the literature that there are none at all. It should not be difficult to distinguish such galaxies from others at large distances.

I would like to thank you for your answer.

Hi Irshadullah,

Interesting question. The short answer is - none that I can find!

The pre-print "The Asymmetry of Galaxies' Physical Morphology for Nearby and High
Redshift Galaxies" by Conselice, Bershady, and Jangren (Google it) seems to indicate that high redshift galaxies have higher inclinations, but it doesn't mention whether there are candidates with zero inclination (face-on).

Distant quasar rotational axes seem to be aligned with distant filaments (, although how those filaments are aligned with the line of sight is open to question. Another paper you may find interesting talks about quasar rotational alignment - See also "OPTICAL ROTATION CURVES OF DISTANT GALAXIES KINEMATICS AND EVOLUTION OUT TO z ~ 1" by Vogt and Phillips.

I'm actually surprised I can't find more recent research on galactic rotational inclination and its dependence on z. That said, there seems to be a definite correlation between inclination and z, which agrees with the idea that the universe itself has an intrinsic "spin" - see

Hope that helps.

Prof. James Gort  


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