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I can't get my head around the Anthropuc Principles in an organized fashion to write a one page informative paper on each principle then a paragraph or two on what I believe to be correct.  My gut tells me from class notes and life experience that the WAP is more correct, but I can't seem to get started.  These principles have my head spinning.  I guess my question is can you give me an expert analysis of the principles in a nut shell.

Yes, the WAP seems to be the more logical approach to me too.  But realize from the top that these are all, at least for now, all untestable and thus non-scientific... PHILOSOPHICAL theories, and NOT scientific theories.  (I put string theories and multi-universe theories in the same category - untestable, non-repeatable, and thus not provable at present.) In fact in most cases, we can't even gather any data or observations on these so-called philosophical theories!!
So like you stated in your question, "I BELIEVE to be correct..." therein lies the problem in itself.  They are all just "beliefs" or opinions, not factual or testable or repeatable.  Therefore, none of the above (strings, multiverses, aliens, flying saucers, ghosts, or anthropic suggestions) are really scientific in nature, but rather "philosophical" at present.  So, are they not just a matter of opinion?  Great topics for a debating class, but not so much for a science class.

So it's impossible for anyone to give an "expert scientific analysis" over and above what you read on the internet about them, because in reality, I'd just be giving you still another... belief and opinion... but not real science at present.  Thus, the most honest answer is... I don't know, and nobody else does either.


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Astronomy has been my hobby/pasttime for over 50 years.  Currently own 3 telescopes, the largest of which is a 30 inch Newtonian truss Dob that is portable.I taught Astronomy/Meteorology at the University Level for 13 years before retiring in 1995. Being retired and home most of the time, I am able to answer all questions relatively quickly, unless it's a new moon weekend with good observing conditions.  No astrology questions please, or questions about alleged UFO picture identifications.


Experience: Astronomy has been my hobby and study for over 50 years. We currently now own a 30 inch portable telescope (Updated - Pennsylvania`s largest portable telescope). It can be seen on our website at: and also attend several regional starparties during the year, and have been on 5 total solar eclipse expeditions.

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