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I am a college student and am writing a research paper based on dark matter and dark energy. I am curious to know an experts opinion on this subject and would like to ask a few questions:

- Based on your current knowledge, do you think dark matter and dark energy truly exist?
- Regarding your answer above, is there any scientific evidence to confirm your answer?
- If so, how does the Integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect correlate with dark matter and dark energy?

The evidence for dark matter and dark energy is very strong.  

For dark matter, we have strong evidence from the rotation of spiral galaxies and the apparent missing mass in them.  We also have the the movements of galaxies in clusters.  Furthermore, models of dark matter work well in measuring the Cosmic Microwave Background power spectrum.  The alternatives, like MOND (Modified Newtonian Dynamics) explain things in the nearby Universe, like galaxies rotating, but fail on large scale effects.

Dark energy is inherently different to dark matter, but has even stronger evidence for it.  Through the use of type Ia supernova, baryonic acoustic oscillations, lensing, and other means, we have seen that the Universe is expanding at a faster rate.  The nature of dark energy is still unknown, but its existence is strongly believed.

The Late-time integrated Sachs–Wolfe effect does also provide evidence for dark energy (not dark matter).  As dark energy kicks in during the more recent time of the Universe, dark energy causes even large superclusters (areas of mass) and then subsequently voids, which makes the Sachs-Wolfe effect even stronger.  


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