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I was wondering what the five layers of Earth are. I also would like to know what those layers are composed of.

The five layers are:
1. The lithosphere - composed of the crust and the uppermost mantle, the hard rocky material near the surface, going down to about 80km below the surface.
2. The Asthenosphere - goes down to about 200 km, made up of mostly solid rock.
3. The Mesosphere (lower mantle) - goes down to nearly 3000 km, where it is made of silicate rocks and where the tectonic plates lie.
4. Outer Core - the liquid layer between the inner core and mantle, and the convection in this area is what causes the Earth's magnetic field.
5. Inner Core - has a radius of about 1200 km, made up of a hot, iron-nickel liquid.  


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