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What if there is no rush for you to answer the two questions, these questions are really important to me, yes they are long, but without being specific its not going to make any sense to you.
I am thankful for your time, and help with these questions.

Hello Again, Nick,

Having just watched the Youtube video, I come away with the conclusion the whole thing is poppycock and scifi fantasy. There is NO way anyone would remotely survive any 'near approach' to a black hole, irrespective of the colored 'zone' or using a space shuttle or any other craft. It's totally the stuff of fantasy and runaway speculation.

Alas, I simply do not invest intellectual capital in the imaginary or pseudo-scientific bafflegab in the guise of credible science. Whether this, or traveling to 'multiverses' or visiting parallel universe via wormholes or whatever.

I still suggest you might find it useful to ask another expert, who might treat the topic more seriously than I regard it, and would be prepared to invest the time to respond your questions.

But to me, it makes no sense at all, and the whole notion of a 'journey' in the vicinity of a black hole is pretentious, fictitious rubbish. (Though yes, the graphics are enticing and almost credible)

Sorry I can't be of more assistance!  


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