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Astronomy/Telescope view with 3D glasses.


Dear Paul

Could there be a different view of the Sky observed with a telescope by wearing 3D glasses?.


Hi Prashant

I'm afraid that 3D glasses won't make any difference in looking at the sky through a telescope.  3D glasses only work with photos or films that have been filmed in 3d--using two different cameras place exactly as far apart as your eyes.  When the two images are displayed together, it looks fuzzy and incorrect with your normal vision, but the 3D glasses filter the images and allow your brain to process the 3D images

A telescope is only a single image, and the 3d glasses won't change that.  And while the separation of your eyes is large enough to create depth images for the 3D process on things that are relatively close -- like here on Earth -- for the distances in astronomy, there would be no perceptible difference.  So the 3D process wouldn't work, even if you did have two telescopes set up to do  it.

In science fiction films the 3D system is created used graphics, not astronomical photographs, so that they can accentuate the 3D results.

I hope that helps

Paul Wagner  


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