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I am trying to understand how to determine Mars' earth year of 686 days. through observation of 33 oppositions between mars and earth I have confirmed the average opposition time to be 780 days.  From this I am having difficulty taking this information and determining an outcome of 686 days for Mars' year cycle once around the sun. thank for any help you can give me.

By a lucky chance, I just finished writing and posting a page about how the synodic period (which is the same as the average time between oppositions or any other specific aspect, such as Eastern or Western quadrature) can be determined from the orbital period of the planet. The equation involved can be worked in reverse to calculate the orbital period from the synodic period. (To refer to the web page in question, see -- the page includes a link to a page about Planetary Aspects, where it mentions the fact that the average time from one aspect to the next recurrence of the same aspect is the same as the synodic period.)

For outer planets, the equation involved can be expressed as

1/S = 1/E - 1/P,

where E is the orbital period of the Earth, P is the orbital period of the other planet, and S is the synodic period. E is 365.256 days, S (as determined from your data) is 780 days (which is an exceptionally good average, as the exact value is 779.935 days), so moving the 1/P and 1/S to the opposite sides of the equation,

1/P = 1/E - 1/S, = 0.0027377 - 0.0012821 = 0.0014556

The reciprocal then yields almost exactly P = 687 days, which is very close to the correct orbital period for Mars, which is 686.98 days. So you are to be congratulated for obtaining an excellent result.


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