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Standing in the Villages,Florida (30 miles south of Ocala, FL) at 11:30 PM on April 24th, there is a very bright star in the north-west at about 60 degrees above the horizon.  What is it?

My earlier answer was completely wrong (sorry about that). I was in a hurry and tried using some online planetarium software I wasn't familiar with, and must have set it up wrong. Arcturus is high in the sky, but in the eastern sky to the right of the Big Dipper, which is to the right of Polaris, not the left. My wife is in the hospital, which is why I was in a hurry, and when I left the hospital a few minutes ago I looked around the sky to make sure of the correct answer, and realized that the object you saw high in the northwest must have been Jupiter. If you had a chance to see it tonight, the Moon was just a few degrees to the left of it. Funny thing is my original thought was Jupiter, but since it was still daylight when I sent my earlier answer I made the mistake of checking it out online (incorrectly). Good lesson for me: Never send a quick reply instead of making sure it is the correct one. If I'd waited until tonight, the reply would have been delayed, but at least it would have been correct.  


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