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Mr.Stahl, recent photo of the ISS in front of the moon, brought back the memory of a night in 1987 as I got home from work around midnight. The moon was full and bright and was nearly overhead. It lit up my yard and house, and took a look up at it to admire its beauty. Right at that moment an object passed under neath it. It was like an eight ball. Round black and shiny as the light curved around it both coming and going. No lights no sound. Looked like it was in orbit but the size seemed too big to be that far out. Any idea what this could have been? Thank you!


Your sighting sounds intriguing- but in order to really address it I'd have to see all ancillary data regarding the observation, i.e. brightness on magnitude scale, velocity or angular velocity estimate, altitude etc. Alas, I no longer give out these (NICAP) forms and tend to steer away from offering firm conclusions  because most incidents have so many variable factors that no hard and fast interpretations are possible.

Having said that, you might find this early paper of mine of interest:  


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