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Astronomy/I'm 59 years old and this is not a homwork


I'm E N T specialist, and have no intention to waste your time, I'm working on Kepler's laws for more than 12 years, so be sure that i'm serious,I don't know how to distribute the four seasons on Kepler's elliptical orbit, and my question need an expert to answer, pleas respect my need for your help
this my question again:
The link below shows the image of Kepler first law, would you distribute the four seasons on it and send me the final image pleas?
thank you

note: I gave the link because l didn't succeeded in uploading the image.

My apologies, it was the way that it was phrased that made me think it was a homework question. Sadly, I am not able to help with this question (as my speciality is eclipses) but if you submit this question again I will forward it to the "Question Pool" where someone more expert than me should be able to answer.


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