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I live in western Europe(formerly UK, now Austria). I was in Cornwall for the 1999 solar eclipse in the UK. It was a disappointment as the sky was completely filled with clouds, but at least there was the eerie night that descended for 2 minutes or so. I would like to see another solar eclipse within my lifetime. Of the ones that are happening in the next 40 years worldwide, which are closest to Western Europe and at the same time most likely to have sunny skies at the moment of eclipse?

Also, if I ever were to buy a telescope for amateurs what should I buy? And  is there any point whatsoever  of using a telescope within a  city? I read about this "light-pollution" ruining viewing.If not feasible, how far away from  city/town/village does one ideally have to be? Thanks!

A few options to consider:

August 12th 2026: Total over northern coast of Spain
August 2nd 2027: Total over the Straits of Gibraltar
September 12th 2053: Total over the Straits of Gibraltar

And I think you have to agree that Spain is almost bound to have completely clear skies in August and September

Some cities are better than others when it comes to the issue of light pollution. My advice would be to use this map and then determine if there is somewhere close to where you live where light pollution is at a minimum


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