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Astronomy/Where is Our Galaxy in the universe?


reclavea wrote at 2014-03-17 02:09:03

Your answer and links does not address his question regarding that we should be seeing maybe equal amount of galaxies with red shifts and blue shifts,.....if in fact all the galaxies are expanding.

The balloon example and inner "hyperspace" and outer "hyperspace" is not proven and only theory. It seems the theory is a direct result of the Copernican Principle.


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I am not a professional astronomer by any means, but astronomy has been an interest of mine since childhood, and I am well-informed on the subject. If unable to answer someone`s question personally, I will know how to quickly find the answer online, because I keep myself informed about developments in the field and I know where to look for information.


I worked in an observatory for awhile at one point, doing various interesting things with a computer.

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