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what is the difference between a neutron and a tachyon because a tachyon is just a article thats fast is a neutron the same way .are they in any shape or form the same.

A question about neutrons I will answer.  A neutron is a massive neutral particle that makes up a little over 50% of all atomic nuclei and travels below the speed of light.  It is well-studied and has nothing to do with tachyons.  Scroll down to neutrons here for a definitive description.


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Fusion, solar flares, cosmic rays, radiation in space, and stellar physics questions. Generally, nuclear-related astrophysics, but I can usually point you in the right direction if it's not nuclear-related or if it's nuclear but not astrophysics.


Just moved from being a physics professor at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin into government work. Doctoral dissertation was on a reaction in CNO-cycle fusion, worked in gamma-ray astronomy in the space science division of the naval research laboratory in the high-energy space environment branch.

Government work as a physical scientist with a nuclear focus.

Ph.D. in physics, research was on nuclear fusion reactions important in stellar fusion, further work on space telescope technology.

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