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I was wondering if it is a true theory that there are multiple dimensions in which our lives are different, or is this a work of science fiction? I have looked online in numerous areas and couldn't find a conclusive answer.

HAhahahaha!  Sorry, good one.  "True theory" of multiple dimensions is untestable with our current science, so it's kind of an oxymoron.  It's true, in theory, but you can theorize anything you want. Until it can be tested and/or make predictions about the observable universe then it's not what scientists would call a theory.  Assuming that "true" is the part you're looking for, meaning tested and verifiable.  The answer to that NO. In no way/shape/form are such theories tested and verified experimentally.  It is a good idea for science fiction, stemming from the multiple-universes interpretation of quantum mechanics.  It is also something we cannot test in any way.  You won't find a conclusive answer, period, and anyone who says different is a crackpot or a liar.


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