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How the solar magnetic field intensity varies mathematically after solar explosions?
How high is this solar magnetic intensity near the earth, before and after solar explosions?
How affect the changes of solar magnetic field the earth magnetic field?

Please provide links to papers related to these topics.

Thank you very much

The magnetic field is impossible to mathematically quantify exactly after a solar explosion.  It is the result of wild fluctuations in the magnetic field itself.  You should check for day-to-day information on the magnetic field of the Sun near the Earth.  As far as the direct impact, it's not a massive effect.  What really seems to be the issue is the impact of a large amount of material (a coronal mass ejection) from the Sun during the explosion, which follows later.  That material (this is slightly out of my regular field, which focuses on nuclear reactions) impacts is very large, and the extent to which a magnetic field "sticks" to a material is proportional to the square of the basic dimension of the material.  Therefore, our geomagnetic storms are more related to that than they are directly related to the changes in the solar magnetic field itself.


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