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How probable is it that working Alcubierre drives can be built one day and do you believe that Alcubierre drive will work in practice? And what are the biggest challenges in making one?

You would need a ridiculous source of gravitational mass and energy, moving incredibly fast and requiring huge energies.  There's just no way I see it ever being done.  By the time technology advances that far we should know what comprises dark matter (80% of the matter in the universe), so the entire idea of FTL drives will change because our understanding of physics will have evolved.  Human technology is ridiculously far away from that, and I perceive that better solutions will be found before we're ever even remotely close.


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Just moved from being a physics professor at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin into government work. Doctoral dissertation was on a reaction in CNO-cycle fusion, worked in gamma-ray astronomy in the space science division of the naval research laboratory in the high-energy space environment branch.

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Ph.D. in physics, research was on nuclear fusion reactions important in stellar fusion, further work on space telescope technology.

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